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SKU: 32850500

The jug from the MANDORLA collection is a proud 27cm high and has a filling volume of 1.6l. The inside of the jug is glazed, while the outside not only impresses with the MANDORLA décor, but is also made of high-quality bisque porcelain. Also available in a set with the mug duo set.

Height in mm: 272

Width in mm: 183

Weight in g: 0,93

Cubage in Litres: 1,6

The Stuttgart artist Reiner Xaver Sedelmeier inspired KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel to create a collaboration in which everyday design meets high-quality porcelain. The décor was modelled on industrial fenders. The result was a jug, mug and vase made of bisque porcelain in a cylindrical shape with typical elliptical shapes of the metal. The industrial derivation inspired KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel and defined the shape: "Tear sheet is normally rolled, so the starting point was quickly to take the cylinder or, in other words, the tube as the shape."