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SKU: 589999049L

For the first time in its history, KPM Berlin launches a small textile line. As part of the "Il Caffè Berlino" edition, sustainable T-shirts and tote bags produced in Portugal are available.The "Il Caffè Berlino" logo is designed by illustrator Sharmila Banerjee, which was applied on the textiles in a manual screen printing process.

Thanks to its unisex box cut the T-shirt offers a comfortable fit for any person. The fabric is made of 100% cotton fairly produced in Portugal and thanks to its rigidity it testifies to the highest quality and comfort. The color is natural / ecru.

More information about the fit of size L:

Length from shoulder to waist: 72cm

Across shouldes: 49cm

Sleeve length: 22cm

Neck width: 18.5cm

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The T-shirt is best washed at 30 ° among similar colors. Do not put in the dryer. The screen printing should not be ironed.