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SKU: 40895700

Trude Petri’s vase MANTILLE, first launched in 1957, resembles an elegant sculpture. The sweeping lines refer to the experimental designs of the 1950s. The waist-like shape is reminiscent of the hourglass silhouettes of Christian Dior’s New Look and Cristóbal Balenciaga’s evening wear, which was influenced by a contemporary flamenco style. The beautiful vase conveys the impression of movement and seems to emulate the ideal of femininity in the 1950s. Even the name MANTILLE may allude to this source of inspiration. In Spain, the “Mantilla” is a veil or scarf, which covers head and shoulders. The relief of the vase, made out of velvety bisque porcelain, delights with its intricate design in contrast to the glazed surface of the vase’s body. The balanced proportions emphasize the overall harmonious image while blurring the boundaries between art object and useful vase.

Height in mm: 425

Width in mm: 110

Weight in g: 1,05