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Artikelnummer: 49859700

Designing practical things beautifully - this works particularly well when professionals join forces. Together with Cloud7, the place to go for style-conscious dog owners, KPM Berlin is launching a hand-turned porcelain bowl that sits on a robustly elegant oak frame and thus floats above the ground. The wooden frame consists of two modules that can be put together or taken apart with a flick of the wrist. The robust bowl is 8cm high and 20cm in diameter. At 1,100 grams, it weighs enough to ensure that even hungry four-legged friends won't push the porcelain around the house. The dishwasher-safe, tasteless bowl is suitable as a food container but also as a drinking vessel. The tasteless and odourless material invites animals to drink, promoting health in an elegant way. A bowl as a living object - and thus the perfect product for home and dog.

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