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You can easily redeem your promotional voucher at the checkout. After you have placed your desired items in the shopping basket, click on the "Redeem discount code" field. An input field will open in which you can enter the discount code. After you have clicked the "Apply" button, the purchase amount is reduced by the value of the voucher and you can continue with the order process.

If the promotional code cannot be redeemed when ordering, please check the following: Has a space crept in? Please make sure that no spaces are entered in the field.Has the validity period expired? Promotional vouchers have a limited period of validity, which is always stated on the voucher. If you have received the voucher by email, the validity period can be found there.Has the minimum order value been reached? Promotional vouchers may have a minimum order value. This is always stated on the voucher. If you have received the voucher by e-mail, the minimum order value will be stated there. Have you combined several promotional vouchers? Only one discount code is redeemable per order - but it can be combined with gift vouchers. Is the discount code tied to certain products? Our promotional vouchers may be tied to specific products, campaigns or categories. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or persistent difficulties.

If you have been given a gift voucher in the form of a plastic card or a PDF printout, you can redeem it as follows.After you have added your items to the shopping basket and entered a delivery address, you will be taken to the "Payment information" step. Tick the box "Use credit card" and enter the number of the credit card. Click on "Redeem credit card" and the credit will be charged to your purchase.Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or persistent difficulties.


We take great care to pack all parcels securely, but unfortunately damage can still occur in transit. Please send us a photo of the damaged goods to and we will be happy to send you a new item quickly.

A sufficiently stamped return label is enclosed with your delivered parcel, with which you can easily send us back the item you do not like. Simply affix the label to the parcel and hand it in at the nearest post office. If the return label is missing or lost in your shipment, we will send you a new label free of charge. Please send us a short e-mail to

If appropriate, items from different orders will be combined into one delivery. This means that you will receive fewer individual shipments, which can significantly reduce the amount of waste.We would like to point out at this point that even with combined deliveries, the flat rate shipping fee (€5.95 within Germany) will be charged for each order placed.

WEISS Customer club

You can register directly via the online registration form or in our KPM Stores. After successful registration, you will receive the WEISS customer club card at home.

The WEISS Customer Club has been established for all friends of handmade porcelain. If you live in Germany and are over 18, you can easily become a member. Membership is free of charge.

As a member of the WEISS Customer Club you benefit from many exclusive advantages. You receive an annual bonus voucher amounting to 3% of your annual turnover. You will also receive our high-quality and limited edition WEISS customer magazine every year. We invite you to special events and you benefit from exclusive price advantages and advance announcements of new product launches and much more. As a WEISS customer club member, you also order free of shipping costs in our KPM online shop.

At the beginning of each year, all WEISS Customer Club members receive a premium voucher in the form of a gift card. This is valid until the end of the respective year and can be redeemed in all participating KPM stores or in the KPM online shop.

You can find out your personal bonus level on request in all KPM Stores or by sending us an e-mail to:

Don't worry - we will be happy to issue you with a new customer card. Please send us an e-mail at


Unfortunately, no. Instead, we would like to recommend a porcelain restoration and repair workshop in Berlin:
Dipl. Restauratorin Anne Sybill Göbel
Schiller Str 94
10625 Berlin
Tel.: 0172 59 48 491

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the value of porcelain pieces that are no longer offered in the current range of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. Please refer this question to specialised art dealers, auction houses or sworn experts. To determine the age of your porcelain, send us an enquiry with pictures of the piece via the contact form for archive enquiries.

After many years of experience and extensive testing in daily use, we can guarantee that our white porcelain pieces are dishwasher-safe and are not affected by cleaning in the machine, the temperatures prevailing there and a wide variety of cleaning agents used. KPM Berlin's decorated porcelain is also dishwasher safe. However, as experts in the field of durable porcelain, we always recommend careful handling of the unique works of art created by the manufactory owners and master painters of KPM Berlin, as well as caution when cleaning and storing hand-painted porcelain pieces.