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bust Frederick II. small
bust Frederick II. small
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SKU: 459479-5463

To celebrate its 260th anniversary, KPM is now presenting the 31.5-centimeter-high bust of its founder, first made in 1822 by Johann Gottfried Schadow in bisque porcelain, in an exclusive bright red neon version limited to 26 pieces, as unmistakably luminous as the KPM success story spanning almost three centuries. 

Individually and in combination with the Frederick Potato of the Edition Nouvelle Rouge, launched for the first time as an elaborately modeled, hand-painted anniversary version for the 300th birthday of Frederick the Great in 2012, the bust is an absolute must-have for collectors and lovers of Berlin porcelain, timeless values, objects and aesthetics. From September 2023, the bust Frederick II of the Edition Nouvelle Rouge will be available in an exclusive limited edition.

Weight in g: 1,21