Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set

with T-Shirt (Size S)


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Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set
Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set
Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set
Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set
Il Caffè Berlino - Espresso Set
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SKU: 318523-9094S

The BERLIN Espresso Set comes with two cups and saucers. It is the most beautiful proof that gifts made of KPM porcelain give double pleasure for two. With its timeless goblet shape, the multifunctional BERLIN service is a modern icon of porcelain art, which was created as part of a collaboration between the Italian designer Enzo Mari and the designers of KPM Berlin.

The occasion for the limited edition "Il Caffè Berlino" is the birthday of Enzo Mari, who would have turned 90 this year. The name "Il Caffè Berlino" does not refer to a real place, but to a fictitious place of longing, which is to be given a tongue-in-cheek identity with this strictly limited edition (100 pieces each). In addition and for the first time ever, KPM Berlin launches a small, high-quality textile line as part of this edition.

Thanks to its unisex box cut the T-shirt offers a comfortable fit for any person. The fabric is made of 100% cotton fairly produced in Portugal and thanks to its rigidity it testifies to the highest quality and comfort. The color is natural / ecru.

More information about the fit of size S:

Length from shoulder to waist: 66cm

Across shouldes: 46cm

Sleeve length: 20cm

Neck width: 17.5cm

The T-shirt is best washed at 30 ° among similar colors. Do not put in the dryer. The screen printing should not be ironed.