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SKU: 15852900

The KURLAND Currywurst Bowl reflects two fascinating facets of the vibrant metropolis of Berlin: the tradition of porcelain art, established by KPM Berlin, which finds its most beautiful expression since 225 years in the straight lines of the KURLAND shape and the snack culture of the German capital with its most famous symbol, the currywurst, which was invented here. The KURLAND Currywurst Bowl is a very special kind of Berlin souvenir. The bowl measuring 11 by 19 centimetres merges the characteristic KURLAND relief with the functional shape of the classic paper bowl. On the occasion of the launch, the KURLAND CurrywurstBowl comes together with jar of original Berlin currywurst, made by CURRY 36, Berlin’s top address for the city’s best-loved sausage.

Length in mm: 280

Height in mm: 0,23

Width in mm: 280

Weight in g: 120